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what’s up guys thank you so much for joining me, today for another article, today I have 10 t-shirt design ideas to inspire you these are really good one’s today guys and I can’t wait to share them with you and especially during isolation and all that stuff it’s really good to keep our creative it’s good to stay busy and to stay creative right so this article should help you do that for every t-shirt design idea that I have today I’m going to share an example that I found on Google to help inspire you guys, so I’m going to pick my favourite example from online and share it with you for each idea

 1 the first T-shirt design idea is t-shirt designs for eSports teams


 okay as you guys know eSports is a huge thing right now, and there are so many upcoming teams, and you guys can take advantage of that find teams that are a little bit smaller because obviously, the bigger ones are going to have in-house designers most likely

but if you find the teams that are up and coming there’s one that’s called fly quests actually that I recently discovered they’re a little bit smaller, but I mean teams like that are a really good idea to reach out to because they might need a designer and it might be you’re in if that makes sense that might be your foot in the door so that’s one t-shirt design idea that you can target

 2 target the second T-shirt design idea is creating t-shirts for gyms

t shirt designsi deas

 now if you look up your local city wherever you live whether that’s LA or wherever whatever city you live in you’re going to find gyms everywhere and all these gyms love selling merchandise right so that’s your opportunity to start designing for gyms and sharing your designs with those gyms one of them might love your work and want to hire you obviously people want to lose weight and look better, and gyms help them do that, and they love supporting merch from those gyms so gyms are definitely stocking merch with their name on it and that is your opportunity right there guys trust me

 3 the third t-shirt design idea is designing for universities guys


 universities meaning schools colleges right there are so many colleges out there in the world that you can Google and most of them are going to need t-shirts for their actual University right they want their name on it so students and other people can wear it like parents and stuff like that so there’s a ton of opportunity there and all it takes is you emailing them with a design that you made them without even them asking you make an awesome design spend time on it guys don’t just rush it spend a lot of time on it

and say hey look whatever school does it could be us see for instance hey USC my name is so-and-so here’s a design I did for you I hope you like it if you do like it let’s talk you can say something as simple as that and I promise you if they want it they will reach out to you and that could be a massive opportunity because universities trust me they have money to spend on that kind of stuff so I definitely look into that it’s not for everybody but I definitely there’s something there and I think it’s a good opportunity for some of you that are into that sort of thing so we’re gonna move on now that was a third idea

 4 the fourth T-shirt design idea is one of my favorites, and this is where I make most of my money actually is designing t-shirts for clothing brands


 so many clothing brands reach out to me to create t-shirt designs for them, and most of them are up-and-coming some of them are bigger and more established, but this is where I make most of my money, and I love designing for clothing brands because I get to make their brand stand out and I get it helped them make sells there are so many clothing brands out there you can look up the hashtag clothing brand on Instagram and find so many brands that need t-shirt designs the opportunities are endless with this one guy

 5 the fifth t-shirt design idea is designing for organizations


now there are so many organizations out there whether they profit or nonprofit and I think that if you do a simple Google search, you will find so many out there so check that out that might inspire you some of you might enjoy that right especially if you pick an organization that you stand behind

 6 I think that you might be really inspired by that number six on our list is designing t-shirts for bands musicians

t shirt designsi deas

this one’s one of my favourites, and this is actually how I got my start planning right this is where I learned everything, and I talked about this in the past, but I did work for a company designing merch for bands, and I had so much fun doing that guy, and I learned a lot as well, and I got to work with some of my favourite bands as well so this is one of my favourite ones

 7 the seventh t-shirt design idea is designing for festivals


whether that’s for music festivals or other events that are a great idea because there are so many events and festivals out there they’re never-ending guys, so there are so many opportunities the thing about festivals too is they’re willing to pay high prices for a good design immensely if it helps promote their festival and helps make them money helps promote it, so that’s one to look into for sure

 8 the eighth t-shirt design idea is designing t-shirts for restaurants

t shirt designsi deas

 now this one I’m not sure about, but I thought it was an interesting one because there are so many restaurants in everybody’s town if you google restaurants near you you’re going to find so many right there’s going to be hundreds and hundreds and hundreds whether it’s a small or larger chain restaurant and I think this is a good one because I do think restaurants underutilized merch so you might be the person that can bring that to their attention

and they might hire you to design some merch my advice is to find your favorite local restaurants design something for them and bring it in and show the manager, and I promise you you’ll either get a good reaction or a bad one, but it doesn’t matter because they’re worse they’re going to say is we don’t need it, or we don’t like it that’s all they’re going to say it Comus you out of ten restaurants you’re probably going to get one good reaction at least so worth mentioning

 9 the ninth t-shirt design idea is finding really popular Facebook groups and creating t-shirt designs for them

t shirt designsi deas

so they have merged to sell to their group members now this one’s exciting because I’m not sure if all Facebook groups are going to be interested in this, but they should be because this is kind of a next-level idea for them imagine going to a Facebook group that you just signed up for and they have a whole merch line how cool would that be it makes you feel like you’re part of something right so I think some Facebook groups might find value in this, so it’s worth trying

 10 the final t-shirt design idea the tenth t-shirt design idea is designing t-shirts for YouTubers

t shirt designsi deas

this is a huge one this is an awesome one guys because there are millions of YouTubers out there that need merch and you could be their guy and there’s also new content creators joining YouTube every single day, and eventually, they’re going to need a merch designer so you can be their guy my advice on this one would be to find content creators with let’s say 30,000 subscribers or less and email them that’s the simplest thing email them and send them some art that you created for them,

and I promise you you will get so many replies back because when you hit bigger YouTubers up they’re not going to reply as quickly because they get a lot of emails, but if you reach out to the smaller content creators you’re going to have a higher chance of getting a reply, and they might even hire you and pay you for that design if they like it enough, so it’s worth checking out.

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