5 Best T-shirt Designs ideas Tips to go from Beginner to Pro

today I have five t-shirt design tips to help you go from beginner to pro fast you guys do not want to miss these tips read until the end.

 1 T-shirt Designs Ideas Tips number one learns your program shortcuts


tip number one knows your program shortcuts, and it doesn’t matter what program we’re talking about here we can be talking about Photoshop Illustrator a finite designer doesn’t matter learn your shortcuts you know what this is going to do for you guys it’s going to allow you to be more creative

and do less time thinking about what you’re pressing on your keyboard right because when you do that you overthink things and it just like I said it makes the whole design process a lot more of a colossal task a daunting task first is something that only comes naturally to you

so what I recommend is no matter like I said if you’re using Photoshop Illustrator like me or if any dude designer whatever learn your shortcuts so you can start focusing on being creative and creating these designs and it is like I said it turns into second nature, and it makes your job so much easier too so I recommend it don’t undervalue that guy’s

 2 T-shirt Designs Ideas Tipsnumber two is use colours


tip number two is use colours that complement one another when you’re designing that means that you shouldn’t use colours that clash right so I’ll give you guys an example of complementary colours till an orange is one of the white and black are perfect colour combinations especially if you don’t want to spend a lot on screen printing red and grey those are all perfect colours that work well together

an excellent tool to uses when you’re in Illustrator use Adobe colour themes amazing guys when you use colour themes it has pre-built what do you call them colour palettes that are already ready to go for you, so you don’t have to think about colours that much right I use it all the time it helps me a lot using colour themes has saved my ass on so many different projects because it just makes finding colour so easy so definitely utilize that kind of tools

 3 T-shirt Designs Ideas number three is balanced now the balance is everything in a design


tip number three is suspended the balance currently is everything in a plan there’s not much to say about it other than the fact that if your design is not balanced it’s going to make it look super awkward okay so focus on balancing your design helps me a lot is thinking symmetrical right

so is the left half balanced with the right half vice versa that helps out so if you can start creating balanced designs that are going to help you better understand balance and programs like Illustrator even Photoshop they have symmetry tools they have alignment tools to help you balance everything out using the program’s tools to your advantage can help you balance your designs out

 so again don’t be scared to use rulers alignment tools and symmetry tools to help you out with that okay and that has to say about balance, but if you guys have any questions about it obviously leave a comment below and I have your back I’ll get back to you as soon as possible

 4 T-shirt Designs Ideasnumber four is using reference images


tip number four is a pervasive sense as well, but it also is beneficial, and that is using reference images now if you struggle to come up with a design it’s beautiful it happens to all of us a lot of people refer to that in a creative community as creative block almost everybody that’s in the creative field will experience that block

I promise you that what you could do to mitigate that is that even a word mitigate that sounded like a non-existing word for some reason for one second but yeah to mitigate that what you want to do is look at reference images of whatever it is that you’re trying to design for example if you’re a 90’s kid like me and you’re trying to come up with a 90s design look at 90’s t-shirts

 it’s going to help you come up with the style that you’re looking for finding the different fonts that you’re looking for maybe figure out the colour theme that you’re going for all that good stuff that’s going to help you overcome creative block check out reference images guys start utilizing them in your work going to help so much last but not

 5 T-shirt Designs Ideas number five which is building a library of design assets


tip number five which is building a library of design assets this is so essential guys because what happens is when you make this library of different fonts images different resources it just speeds up your workflow so much and I love that

 so much because when I’m working on this vast project right maybe, I have ten different designs to do for a client and let’s say I need a star or a specific font I have that library of assets that I built up over the years to help me so I could just kind of dig in there and figure out what I need for that specific project it just speeds up the workflow so much and honestly it’s a game-changer

so if you haven’t started building your design ass library whatever you want to call it to start doing that today guys that can be anything by the way you can throw colour pellets in there sometimes I’ll throw reference images in there that I love I’ll throw different mock-ups in there that I might use for other projects so there’s a lot of things you can do you can organize it as you please, but that’s one of the most important ones today in my opinions.

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